portrait commissions

** BASE PRICE: $750 for a 24" x 36" canvas or framed print **

(or similar size)

price varies if you'd like something larger

if you're interested in a custom piece, please fill out the contact form below with all details and any questions that you have. we'll be working through commissions first-come, first-serve (probably 1-2 per month)

custom process overview / timeline

what you'll get:

a commissioned portrait of whoever you want. final artwork will be a total unique one-of-a-kind piece that is signed and dated. i draw and paint everything digitally, so all final artwork will be printed.

canvas: you'll get your custom artwork printed and wrapped on a homemade 24" x 36" x.75" canvas frame with an enclosed black backing.

framed print: you'll get your custom artwork printed and placed in a black frame

sizing options:

if you'd like something larger than 24" x 36", cost would increase from the $750 base. if you'd like something smaller, the $750 base will remain the same.


i'll be working through these commissions on a first-come, first-serve basis. to reserve a spot, you'll need to put down a 50% deposit. please give me a few days to respond to any inquiries. typical commissions takes around 4 weeks to be completed. i'll keep you updated on expected timelines when working on your order.